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 June 5th PotUS elections

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PostSubject: Re: June 5th PotUS elections   Wed May 20, 2009 12:32 am

fingerguns wrote:
Alright, you mentioned activity on the eUS forums is important. Would you support an overturning of Emerick's banishment? Should the freedom of speech extend to off-site forums when official business is being conducted?

Well I was around (obviously) when the eUS forums were restarted, and I was a Mod when they started. I saw some of the things that Emerick posted, and while I know I'm called the horsefucker, and I'm not one to totally censor myself, they made me blush. His trolling was incessant and offensive to any and all people. When the mods tried to give him a second chance he came back stronger and more offensive. So honestly I wouldn't want him back unless it was in a only political sense since he is a p. good political mind.

Bill Brasky wrote:
Whooo, field trip to the White House!

Also, do you support MASH (the moving ticket program for new players)?
Yes, very much so. 130% support. 1 million% support it
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PostSubject: Re: June 5th PotUS elections   Wed May 20, 2009 1:17 am

Kyle, what do you feel about the Sweden-Germany problems happening as of late? Do you think it should be happening, or what?
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PostSubject: Re: June 5th PotUS elections   Tue Jun 02, 2009 2:26 am



This forum is shutting down!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: June 5th PotUS elections   

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June 5th PotUS elections
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