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 Newsletter d.609

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PostSubject: Newsletter d.609   Mon Jul 20, 2009 6:08 pm


Fed Weekly

1) Congressional Elections July 2009
2) Next Congress
3) Feds at War
4) Other Business
5) Just For LoL's

Fighting the War, Protecting our Country
Since the beginning, this Party has always stood up for Democracy, for Unity and Integrity, and most importantly for our eNation! The well being of the citizens of our eNation is at the fore front of our minds on a daily basis, and it is with this ideology, that every rightful citizen of the eUSA has a voice and that the defense our eNation is not only with our Military but with our Politicians. Therefore, we have decided to continue with our domestic Political strategy and will place candidates for Congressional Election.

The eUSA is at it's best as a Unit, and we believe that a strong Congress is just as important as a strong as the Military.

We believe that maintaining our right to a Democratic Election is the clearest message we can send to our enemies at home and abroad, that the eUSA will Not be beaten down and will Not cave in to the pressures and demands of our foes and more importantly will Not lose faith with what we, as eAmericans, stand for.

For further reading, see Fingerguns' Article and Wingfield's Article on this matter. Also, login to our Forums to participate in deeper discussions.

Next Congress
We endorse the use of an Official Congressional Election List, where the names of all members running for Congress are approved and are listed on an Official Document. Take Note: ANY name that appears on the State Congressional Election Ballot that does Not appear on the Official List is to be flagged as suspicious and vigilance is needed. We treat any person running for Congress who does Not appear on this list as a PEACE infiltrator.

We are at War and while we have lost some of our treasured territories, this is only the begining. The war is long, and sometimes you need to take 1 step back, to gain 3 steps forward. In the end, by using our Military Forces effectively, and our Democratic Voice effectively, we will soon win this war, and we will be stronger because of it.

This new generation Congress will allow newer, more active members to steady the ship and maintain our strength at home, while our stronger and more experienced citizens take this War by the throat. The soon to be implemented Citizenship Module will drastically reduce the risk of PTO's (Political Take-Overs) meaning a safer, more dedicated, and more fierce eUSA.

We have selected 7 Federalist Members to run for Congress this next term, they are:

Mississippi - Jane Barnet
Nebraska - Feeney Madden
Kentucky - Voltare
Oklahoma - Captain Panther
Rhode Island - Alexander Hamilton
Tennessee - Joe Lansing
Alabama - Augustis

See our forums for discussions on these Congressional Nominees and for updates on where you vote is needed, whether domestically or abroad.

Feds at War
Like many of the other Political Parties we believe in having a strong and effective Military Division especially for times like this, a war on our home soil. While we do not approve of Imperialistic invasion, we do approve of Defensive Measures to make sure our eNation stays safe.
Therefore, we ask that any Federalist Member who wants to protect their eCountry and has no commitments to Congress and wants to win this war against PEACE, to check in at our Military Desk on our Forums for further instruction on how to sign up, get involved and which is the best Military division for you.
Right now, the Airborne is looking for new recruits and we encourage eCitizens of our Party and others to assist in the defense of our eNation in any way possible.

Instructions on how to Join Airborne Division will soon be published. Check out our forums for advanced discussions about Airborne and how to join the military.

Other Business In Brief
As time is precious and there are important matters at hand, here is a quick breakdown on what has been happening within The Federalist Party.
* Fingerguns was elected Party President.
* Our Federalist Outreach Program has become a well-oiled machine educating all members on the aspects of War.
* Better Business Bureau has Assistant Researcher positions open for any eUSA Citizen to apply, see Citizenslave

Inter-Party Pictionary Tournament
The top eight parties, the USWP, Libs, AAP, CVP, UIP, Feds, Dems, and SFP are all invited to participate in a Pictionary tournament. All those parties will be allowed to draft a smaller party, one of the next eight: the Green, Nationalist, UmbrellaResearch, Republican, Capitalist, BloodGod, Promote Synergy, or France Sucks.

They will compete in an elimination style tournament to find the overall Pictionary Party Champion.

Read this Article for rules and how to get involved. Check out our Forums for discussions.

Just For LoL's
Former eUSA President Scrabman was seen walking his dog alongside the Pier while on Vacation last week, when he was stopped for an autograph by a strikingly handsome Blonde. Scrabman willingly signed his name across her hairy chest and continued discussions while gazing deeply into her eyes. Scrabman, totally in awe by the high cheek bones and square chin this dashing young lady possessed, failed to notice that his dog had been swapped with a British Style Sausage.

To Scrabman's suprise, the hot hairy blonde started to sprint away, laughing and screaming "Scrabman is holding a British Weiner, he loves a British Weiner"

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Number of posts : 193
Age : 36
Location : CA, USA
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PostSubject: Re: Newsletter d.609   Tue Jul 21, 2009 7:39 pm

Please make any last minute changes before I post this tonight at 8.30pm PST.

I want to get a newsletter out promoting our Congressional Candidates ASAP.
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PostSubject: Re: Newsletter d.609   Tue Jul 21, 2009 7:46 pm

NOT all parties, only some There's a list in the article I wrote. I don't want Ajay Bruno's new party showing up asking to play.
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Number of posts : 193
Age : 36
Location : CA, USA
Erepublik Link : http://www.erepublik.com/en/citizen/profile/1485210
Registration date : 2009-05-23

PostSubject: Re: Newsletter d.609   Tue Jul 21, 2009 7:46 pm

aah ok, will update. cheers.

Now Posted, Please VOTE
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PostSubject: Re: Newsletter d.609   

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Newsletter d.609
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