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 Please help me understand the way war works.

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Gideon Plexus

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PostSubject: Please help me understand the way war works.   Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:13 pm

Maybe I am just dense, but I do not understand the war system. When I fight, I add or subtract from the wall, but I never see the wall move. I do not understand why it is in the underground sometimes, and sometimes in the rural area. I cannot see a trend in the wall, is it going up or going down? Can someone please explain this to me... Oh and the WIKI stinks...
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PostSubject: Re: Please help me understand the way war works.   Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:15 pm

The wall updates like every 2 or 5 minutes. So all the damage you and your allies ADD is totalled up, then all the damage the enemy does is taken away. That number is then added or subtracted to the wall.

Each level of the wall has a number that it must get subtracted below in order to lose, and added above to go up a level. Unless you are the top level and you just keep adding. If you are the bottom level then its game over.
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Gaius Julius

Gaius Julius

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PostSubject: Re: Please help me understand the way war works.   Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:35 pm

A Guide to how battles and wars work in eRep.

War: In eRepublik there are two ways to declare war. The first of these is a very upfront way, the President of country A proposes a declaration of war against country B, once the congress of country B passes this proposal then countries A and B are currently at war. The other way to start a war is through activating a war through MPP's. Lets say we have three countries (A, B and C). Country B is in between A and C. Countries C and A have a MPP, as a result to supersede declaring war against C, country B could just attack country A. Now why would they do this, well to declare war in eRep it costs gold based off of the population of the country you are declaring against. As a result attacking a country who has MPP's with the one you want to attack woild save you gold. This of course only works if you have an existing war with another country.

Pre-Battle: After one side has started a war they have the initiative for 24 hours, this means they and only they can attack. The defender must wait for the attack to come. After those 24 hours pass either side can attack. If the country that had declared war did attack before the 24 hours they must win to keep the initiative. If they lose this attack then the 24 hour initiative rule takes effect for the defending side. In the case of say indo attacking mu,ltiple states at once this is done so they can keep up a constant war. Indo starts a battle, if it looks like they are going to lose it they cant start a battle in another territory to keep the initiative, this is a little cheap and sucks for us. It is almost impossible for us to regain the initiative.

Battles: Just liek wars every battle has a cost to start. The cost is equivalent to the population x.25. So a region with 1000 people would cost 250 gold to start. Each battle starts with a + wall for the defenders, this wall is based ont he population and the defense system of the region. As a result regions like NJ and Florida have very high walls. If you are the defender you fight to do + damage to the wall. If you are the attacked you fight to do - damage to the wall. If the wall is in the - or underground by the end of the battle then the attacker wins, if it is in the no mans land at the end of the battle then the defenders win. Any wall in between (border, rural, surburbia, city, admin center) then the battle goes into over time.

I think thats about it...I hope I didnt miss anything...
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PostSubject: Re: Please help me understand the way war works.   

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Please help me understand the way war works.
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